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January 7th, 2011, 12:04 pm


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The Wolfram element - metal with the highest melting temperature, used in light bulbs Back to this mofo and it's gonna be LONG again. Herz is 5yrs old on the photo btw even if he doesn't look that old.

FastPuck: YOU SO SHORT you brothel child. Be my Pep, I'll be your Ken.
fucking.spring: *bows and licks feet* forgive me, master ;-;
pockylolita: yes, he's speaking russian :> and that's a bit of an inside russian joke :,D
Nekkid Cuddles: *slaps self* BAD! BAD ENGLSIH SPEAKER! Ok, to which address shall I send them?
Kevin the overlard!: you are a bigger nerd than sunny 8I I found you 8U
In England: thank you so much for the offer! But that would be too much of a job :,D
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Uh, dude... Your background's dead

Everything but the comic it's self has been raped by photobucket. :c

funniest or most erotic? :'|
gdi herz is so fucking cute i just ajdghjkaibuahbjkjkltjfklahncnikbksdnlsdnklfk/sob

wait what NOOOOOOOO NEVER i bottom for no one!!!

Aww cute page! I want a big brother like Hirn óuò But I'll have to say that it took me a while to figure it was Herz from the back in the first panel since the head is cut of the picture.

........I didn't notice that baby Herz had four arms before I read Pucks comment..! howww OTL
maybe i was too stuck with staring at Lunge and.... laughing at the face-poking tentacles.xDD
Anyways yay perfectly timed update~

; A ; LUNNNGGEEEE YOURE SO CUTE AS A CHILDDDD WHAT HAPPENED, NOJK <3 he's a stunna even when he is a small lad. And baby herz made me piss a little <3

If I look at Baby Herz any longer, I'll explode due to overload of d'aaaaww.



four hands..... Handy :p

is that their father? :O
lol @ all the bite marks on him

EDIT: umm.. now that I think about it he could be 15year old hirn and the scar could heal with the monster powers >.<

lol. okay. But happy to help if u need it.

lol. i look the the picture in the panel and think 'Tut, where did it all go wrong?'

The address of awesome.
I want the babies. D<

Herz seems small for a five year old (yay extra arm!). Or Hirn is just too big. And whoa at all those bite marks and scars on Hirn. And is that the door? Of evil?

that is so cute Herz even Lunge as children were so adorable!!!

DOOR! :0

Aww the last panel is cute :] haha!



A door! And a Spiderman. And a Super Mario Brother, I think? xD So cute.

*SQUEE!* baby Herz (I assume)<3

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