January 15th, 2012, 2:36 pm

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nooo not soki ;n;




Soki waii?

Not sure if serious

Or just trolling.

gloomy bear is crying :I

I feel like I've just been raped.



I still don't get it D:

aww gloomy bear is crying! QAQ and lol i bet she's gunna kill them all and end it like that to move onto a new comic!

I don't know you anymore


Why the heckitty heck would she make a new comic? o-o I mean a spin off with Herz and Hirn is something I'd expect to see in the future if she'd like, but drop this completely? No wai. She loves these bitches and I doubt she'd get rid of them forreal. They've been drawn numerous times by her and all have very unique personalities so I doubt they're dead c: <3

Am I the only one who is finding this hilarious? I cannot be the only one.

Not Impressed I used to follow this on my old account. I commented. I faved. I read every page. I went on your dA account. Watched that.
So shut the fuck up and stop killing your characters off. This is disgusting.
I really hope that you're trolling. Or you'll have me to deal with. Trust me, you don't want to.
This comic is amazing. It has potential. Hilarious characters, amazing art. Y U DO DIS TO US?!
You want more feedback? More attention.
Fine, if it means that you'll continue doing this, I'll go back and comment with feedback, my opinions and comments on every single page of this damn comic, even if it kills me.
You heard right. I love this too much for you to drop it. I sent a link to this comic to all my friends. They love it. If you stop updating, I dunno what I will do.
But what I know now is that I have to prevent it.
Mission: Start.

My god this is some awesome trolling. Love you so much. I don't understand what all the fuss is about? Obviously this is a short little gag to say sorry for not updating in forever. I think this is cute, it's like when people draw their MC as the dovahkiin as a filler. Seriously LOVE YOU even if some people are too blinded to see your epicness.

tears??? is th bear crying???

@A v e r y: I think she can. Don't try to stop her either. It can be hard for an author to keep going once she's decided she just doesn't love the story anymore.

anyway OMG yeah the bear's crying. WHY? XD adorable.

aww, now teddy is sad

not my baybeh ; o ; and aw gloomy can produce tears

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