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June 10th, 2012, 2:08 pm

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Don't miss yesterday's update! AND SO THE PLOT THICKENS!
I honestly hate any parent-dramas in yaoi comics, I hope I'm not making it too dramatic :,I

@goon: thank you! and noo he has the same beard on every panel <:D it covers half of his face, I should have made it more clear using tones >>" And he's not bold lol it's a zoomed-out view panel, so you don't have to draw all the details! Look, Soki has no mouth or nose on that panel as well ;)
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:3 Gaaaah! Soki you have it soooo hard! Sadness!!! And its not becoming too dramatic. Its perfect~ Oh and I absolutely love the new layout!!!!!!! <3

OMG! The speech bubbles in the new layout are just awesome! :D (had to comment just to make one)

This old man! I love'em.
But anyway, I'm actually pretty surprised and very happy that we're getting to learn about the other characters! I was always wondering why he only had a mama in all his picture with his family.

...That is my dad's name. XD

BTW I love the new lay out, the banner at the top is awesome. :D

Aww poor Soki

Hmmm I have a feeling I am going to really hate this Denis person...

How about you bring him his order instead of having his coffee magically appear, Soki?
Also: Don't forget there might be other customers who want some service

when he said "Denis" I was like "THE MENACE?!"

WHY D: why is it that the CUTEST characters /aa~always/ have the most ANGSTY pasts?! Srsly!!!

I havent been here for a while, but I have to say I love the new layout for the comic! the characters at the top of the pages are awesome, but then again, I expected nothing less of you :) Still love this comic so much.

So far, I relate o-O
My father is a complete asshole and I'm SO gad that I don't like with him ^^-
*hugs Soki tight* HOORAY FOR DADDY ISSUES :D!!!

>"do you know a man named penis"
> oh it's a d

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