February 1st, 2008, 1:42 pm

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Lol...I got a page one...
I can't draw old ppl...no..seriously!
*milk+assassin*, February 1st, 2008, 1:42 pm Reply

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Love the layout. The banner on top makes me happy. :]

The old person is drawn well. So is the second panel. *q* Pinstripe pannnnnnts <3


Nice perspective & ass~<3 8D

Dude...I freakin love your style. jAj You can draw just any pose at all with amazing perspective...

Nya, love teh prespective! its amazing! and the banner is awesome :P!

lulz "How about 27?"

:'D Kekekeke~~

A-san: U're so nice to me A-san..*A*
nyappyTIRAMISU:so ironic that reasons mached the weather...And I haven't even noticed...
MrJonesSoda:I can't draw one pose...No one must know about it!
Miss Momo:dnt lie to me!!!*A*
*milk+assassin*: you are stupid!Go home!Can't even draw old men!>:S

"Shut up bitch!"
Not the way to talk to your boss. <:

Round two? Hurrrr this is my second time reading. Pretty sure it's just as awesome as the first time 'round. ^___^

Dat ass.<3

I already love this

"You can't fire me! I'm to beautiful to get fired! *rages*" How the heck did he get hired as a teacher, anyway? <XD

I love how quickly Alex's expressions change on this page. And although the principal isn't looking perfect, he looks better than what I could do xD Btw, the view on Alex's ass in the second panel is simply fantastic.

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