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March 18th, 2008, 1:14 pm

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Ok my sweet guys...
Thank you so very much for cheering me up!That helped alot!!*sunshine* I luv u!U r all nice ppl commenting me and stuff.
Ok...Now one more thing:that guy on the previous page with a black thingie on his heas is NOT GAY and he was MOCKING Alex.
And another thing: all the sections vere upadated (bitches,whore,fanart) and there was one more section added (art dump)
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Gothic dress?
Is it lacy and nice?
Wait...that's gothic lolita.
Is it nice?

ommmg, this is so interesting 8D drama-tic new page yayy~~~

parkour is fun ;u; art dump section yaaaay -reach-

gothic dresses are cool too :D
w00t i love art dumps :]

heheh, "we're getting the black car, not that pink one."

I love it. A contest over who got more students? heh heh.

youpi update so now start the real thing can't wait! i really love this comic!

I love the last panel! It's so cool! :D
Alex is like "punks, u just got own'd" XDDD
I seriously love your sense of humor! This comic is too funny! XD

lol. I love this comic. xD

Oh I love the last panel! Made me laugh. :d

By the way, what I mostly love about your art is that you developed your own style in anime. <333

I draw in anime style for two years and still experimenting and never got to the point where I'll be satisfied with one style. =_=;

frozen_shamrocks: If it wasn't nice I wouldn't buy it...yes it is nice
Pokemon?:'s funny how I put my lame ideas here..
Sidheprincezzz:thank u!I thought I didn't have one T_T well...If u find it funny,dnt read the next page!PLZ!
SirDerangedReindeer:thank u!I thought gays dnt like comics bout gays!*A*
A-san:ur my little pill of happyness A-san...thank u!
Nadya:heh,thanks but I dnt think that my style is steady and stuff..and it's not like real manga *A* the real manga is like GIANT EYES!YES!

LOOOL. Sign me up too please :D!

ZOMG!! I wanna be in his class xDDDDDDD

cool i
ll go check those out. yay! awsome intro! can't believe i'm saying this, but i can't wait for class to start!

Black cars are bettter~~~~ **points to the ass load of paprer for no reason**

Can't they buy both cars?
Or a Black car with pink stripes?

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