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March 26th, 2008, 2:12 pm

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The last pannel must be my best piece of art ever...
Also I had a psychological trauma and now my heart sweals in agony...BRENDON AND HARRY DIED!!!SUCH A DRAMMA!!SUCHAFRIGGINDRAMA!!!GO TO HELL GUNGRAVE!!!
thank u for all the nice comments
especially Reegeta!!!:3
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That last panel was great.
this whoe page was.
Funny, funny stuff.

it's really cruel of you...but lol
and he's Russian- what a surprise!!!!!

i love alex rugget look

oh god...lmao...the rugged look of DEATH. Its all in the eyes.....

omg the stubble.

last panel = pure LOL


hahaha, that last panel...

"We don't have time to...make ourselves pretty." hahaha. Nice.

lol Hobo stubble.

That happens to me sometimes. D': "You're going out like that? You look like a hobo." "I know rite, but I don't have time."

Becuz I always start getting ready liek 10 minutes before. Oops.

the last panel is awesome <3 bad morning head ^0^

Oh damn! hahahaha

OMFG!!!! my stomach hurt so much from laughing at the last panel!

Oh my god
this comic is so retarded
and gay


OH GOD <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

... FAP!

when I saw that last panel my coke came trough my nose because I cracked T^T
it hurted, damnit.

Lovely page again~~~~ <3

OMG It's ttlly amazing!!! This is just like a real manga. A real SHOJO manga. U rock as always...Yay, I love commenting on this comic.

It's true, the last panel is ... is ... magical??!!

:P xP (<-- I'm a skitzo?)

You and your sense of humor is just too beautiful! xD

Amen, Haikku.

Oh, Alex, honey, you know the cucumbers don't do anything, right?

Last panel hilarious!

HAHAHAHA, I love the last panel xD

Oh boy, the world is going to end now XD I love this page.

omg! last pannel so funny!!!


this is great. lol, "put on ur face" as my dad would say.

Sooo cute :D I love your drawing style

LOL hilarious~

Damn, that stubble is sure sexah.

Oh mai gawd I have never laughed so hard at a comic in my entire life XD


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