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May 4th, 2008, 2:20 pm

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I hate this page THE MOST a lot must be said:
First of all THANK U 4 COMMENTING!!I love u as much as Pi Patel was thankfull to Richard Parker
And if u all are so curious about their haircuts go check the -Bitches- section!
-Siskhi: go here
-ukesyndrome:It was Jura.Vanilla is next :3
-DarkMimi:u'll be my third wife and we'll live like arabs
-TerrorMoose:go dress ur gecko man *A*
-CrimsonKoala:u make me laugh so. U are a funny koala
-Frozen_sharocks:yes..I am THAT stupid not to notice
-Shousi Tsubasa:u skipped one page honey.There were 2 updates last time
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Aii Luve this comic

Catman is awsome ~ <33 !

rofl! I love this so much! Don't call Alex a catman, you arrogant little....

This comic is awesome. I'm gonna love every single addition, too <3

oh darnit i was wrong! I fail at life D: lol~ Jura looks so cute :3

Don't let him touch you Jura!!!

Jura looks like he wants to eat the guy in the 4th. x'D He's uber cute. >]


<3 thanks for the link dear.

love love this page

oi i like this page!
especially the last panel X3

i love that comic!! i just started reading it the other day :D

This comic makes me lol. :'D

You're awesome.

And, hoshit you're 14? D': I was never this good at 14.

I think your style is awsome, and I like that we see another side of Alex, than the bitchy...bitch!

And he's found himself his first victom...*evil laugh*


And I get what you say about not being happy about this page. I think it's awsome and hilarious, but if a would draw the excact same thing myself, I would hate it, and probably bite a cheese as punishmetn (a really stinky one)

Catman rocks :D So fav'd. Moaaaar pages~

I love you and this comic so limitlessly. ;-;

Second comment... now I'm cool. XD

i thought it was catwoman .....oh well lol

JURA, SUCH A CUTIE! -reachies-

Jura went from geek to... bishie!! I wonder does that work for girls as well... a bishia or something like that.

This is so FABULOUS *heart*

Oooo. I want him to kiss him. Which would be awkward and probably won't happen, but lalalalala.

Omg like what is Jura's hairstyle called? >w<

SUCH.SEXY.HAIR **is swoon... again**

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