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August 24th, 2008, 12:11 pm

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THE LEGENT OF BASKETBALL:VANILLA!HE IS JUST HUGEEEE!!!!HE WILL HIT AND BREAK UR CEILLING! And look at that random fag on the left XD XD XD doesn't he look sexy???<3
Fanart time:
Noone makes Alex look gayer then A-chan:
SUPER SEXY OLD ALEX(mature) by SchG:
OH GOD!He's almost naked!By xxx nemo xxx:
*milk+assassin*, August 24th, 2008, 12:17 pm Reply

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*milk+assassin*, August 24th, 2008, 12:18 pm Reply

everyone is watching them & blushing, love it.

Hehe, yay for cookies XD
I love your icon but it looks a bit scary. There´s... there´s some tentaclething in it O.o
Oh, and a random lol at the mike backpack. That´s such a nice detail ^^


XD Love it!

lol can't help but to love it.
And nice fanart you have there.

Lol, hot-old alex is hot.

yum cookies.

And I cant's decide on a favorite character, they all rock too hard!

Vanilllllaaaaa *steals*

what the hell with the pig-latinish code talking?

yeah, vanilla is hot, but i love innocent lil Soki the most!!!! XD
awwww, so rape-able!!! <3

Aw, is your icon Hirn?
Pshhh, I'd be all over that. XD

God is that Vanilla tall.

Goddamn. XD I love this page. XD And I love your icon, milk+assassin! XD

Ah, someone beat me to it. Yay, Hirn, Doctor man!
Vanilla = <33333333wubwubhubbahubbacutiepie
Those cookies look really good.

Annnd, I am SO SAD that the Olympics are over. I'll be an ever older grandma at 21! Gah! 21! Buut, wooh, I will volunteer and get tickets to watch the cycling and rowing and hopefully we will win and I will shout Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins and Cockless, oops Coxless 4 like I did at the TV.
Jee, I've gone all fan girl.

XD Go guys!!!
Herz is luve 8D <333

Lol. I enjoy your icon. It's... One of Herz's brothers? P:

3-2-1 FAN GIRL SQUEAL!!!!!!! they look so good standing there together...XD I love them...

Woot! Love the update! What is the song that plays when you click on the comic pages?

Mellos-in-my-closet :
JC Chasez-All day long I dream about sex

Awww, having Sunny there would just complete that picture. And maybe Cappucino.
<.< Gay parade, via the public transit!

Am I the only one mildly reminded of a really extreme sort of Gok Wan? XD

Please don't tell me that Mr. Skeleton in the characters list is an akuma. =0= He has the akuma star on his head! -eek-

Oh LOL!I just googled this Gok Wan guy :D Your terribly right!But we have our Russian guy just like that too :> HIGH FIVE!
And whut is akuma?Couldn't find that >.>

lol Dayum.
I love Vanilla.
If I was a guy, I'd so tap that....

I want Herz for my birthday :3

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