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April 3rd, 2009, 1:44 pm

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:,C Sometimes,I just hate my comic.If there are any text mistakes,please,tell me :> Alex's legs look weird,idk.I have holidays!yay!Going to White Russia for some good food and pirate games :E see you all soon!
-"shit" section was updated-
*milk+assassin*, April 3rd, 2009, 1:49 pm Reply

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REPLIES~ iMimi: if ur not goin to stop,ill have to do it the hard way >:O
rawrs for my sweets:EEEEEEEEEE!!!>w< YOU NOTICED!I LOVE YOU FOREVER!THANK YOU!I love placebo so much,i just had to sho my love fo them somehow ;-;
Gracie-May: yes,please ;;;w;;;
KandiYumYum: oh u =w= nice thinking!i'm glad I have someone like u reading my shit!Herz and Vanilla are not going to be together EVER!Just friends :> thank you for realizing it X3
Joobers: sorry ;_; i'll try to make less text everywhere >_<'' text
*milk+assassin*, April 3rd, 2009, 1:54 pm Reply

Just read the whole comic!

It's amazing!

I think yu can draw old people ^^v
Sorry but I can't help it but I read your dialog with SchG...I'm so sorry but's always so funny...
And I just want to tell you I love your style...^^v

Oh dear, what the hell is Alex going to do with them?

weakens ur erections :/

Wow. Youre drawing skills have really improved alot :D
This page looks great.
Srsly grrrl. You rock :'3

What stupid they done?
Alex is reading paper so paparazzi is getting to him?


YAAAYY ALEX~! God, he's gorgeous. Which means your art is gorgeous. WELL IT IS.

bitch plz YOU STFU! I donno where you got it into your head that you suck or whatever, but this comic is the SHIT! Every comic you've done is the shit! Just take a second to look at you life, really. You're fifteen, correct? And yet you have this amazing CG skill that allows you to make profesional looking web comics AS WELL AS kick as digital art. Your art is AMAZING! Look at your anatomy work! Not many people can throw the human body into that many positions in one page! Did you forget you're only fifteen? HOW COOL IS THAT!??! Honey, I'm 18 and I'm jealous of your talent and I've been studying art for six years. Don't look down on yourself all the time, you have an incredible gift and you can only keep getting better. <333

Hey Milky.

I just wanted to let you know I will take a little hiatus with comments until spring break. All these assignments just keep piling up and sadly school does come first. DDD: Anyway, just letting you know. Be happy and have fun!

Oh! Also, I was giggling with this update. The principal's expression in absolutely priceless. xDDD

Ahh... I just discovered this...And I loves it.<33 So funny, so cute, so many gay boys x] It makes a girl smile.
My only problem is the text...Spelling is good, content is good, it's just that spacing. ><'' It's hard to read without spaces after the periods and commas...But that's a tiny problem.
As I said; love this comiccc<3

Ahaha I love Alex XD;;
Aww you don't have to hate your comic D: It's awesum~ And you're awesum too <3

btw the new banner it's soooo cuteee XD <3


haha that feather duster looks like a weed leaf!!!

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