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June 9th, 2009, 1:51 pm

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Don't miss the previous page if you haven't checked it yet Lol.I actually have a lot of pages done,so I'll try to make it up for the lost time.
Bad news for you, this comic is going to have TONS of characters. Need to update the 'bitches' section with Lunge's crew.Umm...Lunge's crew on the first panel...where ppl don't look like running :/ what's that guy on the right doing?Scratching a CD or something?*scratch* *scratch* And the girl has that hair thing just like The Dutches of Kiev from Trinity Blood has :/ how did that happen?
Kurayami: maybe you could give me a link where I could read/download the comic?=w="
Jumon:no no!Lunge is EVIL but not grumpy :,D just very EVIL and ANGRY
.apples.: oh apples,I can always exect the best comments from you :* I'm glad everything is over for you :3 LIKE I KNO :D MY TONING IMPROVED ONLY AFTER READING TB XD
Thank you for commenting, faving and rating :*
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Could I have what :'O!!!!!!


I love sunny C: and I would also say Herz is very unfortunate lol.

Love the page, and can't WAIT for more awsome characters...seriously I cant..

have what have what i must know soon

Holy crap, I see tits.
And, Jesus, Sunny is so adorable.
His eyes are just so cute. And, I agree with Oopsydaisy, I want his eyeballs too.

Omgawds. A girl. Thats a second.
Roflcopters. Girls are uneeded. >:3

Oh, I know.
"Could I have.. your virginity, please?"
At least that's what I'd ask Sunny.


can't wait for the next one :'D

Aw, poor Herz *hugs him* those evil, evil feet!

lots of characters/lots of fun.

:'>>> uhuhuhuh i'm waiting for the next page. Updates. Mruh.

"your number?" is my guess... or "YOUR SOUULLL" XDDDDD

O lol at the little hole in the middle of his face...XDDD

I thought that too I was like "yur number" to myself xD i've heard that so many times that it's stuck in my brain. Woot i hope i'm right in guessing he asking Sunny whatever question is gonna be asked. Go Sunny wit yur hawt self ♥


i love your crazy comic.

Wow. I have gone through your whole comic and I must say that I am now truly a hardcore fan. I already have visions of fanarts buzzing in my brain. Herz=<3

Hella funny comic~ I can't wait to read more~ >u<b

What what WHAT??!!! HAVE WHAT??!!!

Finally have time to read this, no more skool for me! (Until the end of August... stupid college)

You style seems to be getting better to me, so your hard work is paying off Milky.

Your comic is so AWESOME! Love your art style, and each of the characters are very cooool in their way :D

Must draw them in my next free time~~

Aww, compliments make me blush. xDDD It's a pretty happy time, summer.

Anyway, I already like Lunge's class! They each have a unique style and seem to be pretty intense. Asthe-ish-girl (or the girl in the middle) is a happy contribution. I can already tell that though she has a similar hair style thing going on -which I am adoring, the white shading in her black hair is a nice touch and it mixes well with her one dark hair in her bangs-, her personality is different, a more bubbly one. I love you inclusion of jewelry - aka. her necklace - though am not as big a fan of her shirt/bandages thing. It's not quite that practical for sports and though I do love the shading, it doesn't quite follow the wrinkles in her shirt. Maybe add spaghetti straps? Other note, her left hand (our right) is a little off. If you add a few more details an the knuckles though, it would be perfect. Tan-man on the left has a FABULOUS hat. It is freaking awesome. My only problem is that on his arm, I think you shaded an extra space?It would be fine with a little more or less shading, or of a different tone, but as it is now it looks like a part of his arm rather that shading on his sleeve. Headband guy on the right is okay. Not loving him. but no hate either. He looks a little too much like a mix of Lunge and a vampire and, thanks to the Twilight-induced-stupid-cheesy-vampire-romance-novels increase in popularity, I'm a little biased against. His Lunge-style-ness (I'm not quite sure how to phrase it, he looks like a distant relative of Hertzy) also takes away from his original feel and mixing them together makes him my least favorite of the group - though he's not bad. His hand is in a pretty strange position for running and his elbow/arm seems a little strange. Goggles man in the back has some fabulous goggles and gives him a nice feel. Overall knows for the group, pretty good but the composition and placing have a few things that throw it off. They're all placed pretty closely together, yet have some extreme motion poses so it contradicts it. There is also little difference in the height of the characters. It makes it feel a little too well rounded. Their posture and posing seem to be too focused in the middle and going towards the center. It gives it a feel of being very poster-pose-ish and more like an object rather than a bunch of different people with their own posture and feeling. That's the most awkward part of the panel for me. Spacing them a little more and adding depth to that might help give each character their own center of gravity and posture. On a much smaller note, but still important, none of them have noses. I only noticed after looking for a while, so it's okay but, this adds to their "one-object" feel. Maybe adding shading instead of direct lines would help? And now I finished with my super-long rant about Lunge's class. I can't quite yet believe how much I wrote for them, but it was worth it. I like them.

Finally on to the next panel, Hertz. Yeah, again a little awkward spacing. (Sorry, it's just that once I noticed it in the first panel, it stands out more but it's not really all that noticeable) The dust cloud meeting Hertzy's speech bubble makes it seem more like perspective is off and the ground and dust cloud and a single thing, even though it's not off. Also, I loved your shading here. Instead of adding a massive puddle of blood (though it might have helped with the flow of the page) or just pixelating it, this is much more interesting. I'm very pleased. :]

Last negative thing to note it Sunny in the third to last panel. He needs more shading (okay, maybe not but Trinity Blood has raised my standards and anyway, it's not consistent with the rest of the page DX). Just on his fae would be fine. Super shading on him in the his last panel though, very nice. Though adding highlights to his eyes would make them more 3D, it's fine. I'm loving the last panel too! More wrinkle shading in his shirt would be nice, but hey, no complaints.

Thanks for the wonderful update and I hope you're enjoying your summer. :DDD

PS. Sorry, after posting I see that this is stupid long and have now added spacing....

woah OAO; wooooow.........

my eyes are now incredably full from all this eye candy ='D

i have no idea what's going on, but i'll learn~ these drawings are fucking lovley >DDD

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