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March 30th, 2010, 4:14 pm

Herz is really a very terrible emo

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I write stupid things here anyway Какая разница - сегодня пятница или суббота завтра с утра?! ЛЯЛЯЛЯЛЯЛЯ БОЛЬШАЯ РАЗНИИЦАААААА ;! :

I've got beautiful piece of heaven by Horoholikka *w* IT'S SOKIxHERZ GUYS, GO SEE:

minlillelam: I can't believe nobody did anything about your icon yet :,,,D phenomenal!
AzurePersona: I should soooo dooo thaaaaat! Thanks for the tip ;)
*milk+assassin*, March 30th, 2010, 4:28 pm Reply

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are...those two going to be together? I cant follow this story at all!!! (wails at your awesome artwork)

OMG if your stuff gets taken down i will cry!!!!!!!!!!

I love how Herz gets all teethy when he's irritated! and i absolutley ADORE the second to last panel, specifically the "you're here with me" -spazz- XD

You know Herz' pissed off face is kind of hot
Thank you for making me more warped then I already was. X3

I find it funny that he's still walking around with one arm and blood all over his shirt.

*plays with Shreddy as he laughs*

Oh gods do I love Herz...

I would totally turn myself into a big strong man to take care of him an give him hugs (and only cut him up on the rare occasional rough sex day XD)

I love how you can rip off shitloads of his body and they just reappear later.

I gotta get me some o' whatever he's takin :I

You prolly already explained how it all works earlier, I was just too busy enjoying the story to be nice and read anything ;u;

HEEHEE i have no favorite character :3 i love them all~ i'm addicted to this comic heh heh heh *u* i just adore your style :3

>w< herz!! AHHHH!!!!

i love herz. <3 OwO i mean, after vanilla. . . . *pats vanilla* but i love 'em all. . . . .>w< they r all soooo adorable!!!!!!!!

i wanna squish their stuffing out!!!!!! >:O

lol, love this page tho i dont know where they r headed . . . ''' ._.

much love~!!!!!!!! <3

oh ho ho two of the members of my favorite threesome are alone together!!! :D

I haven't read this in forever. I really need to get back on here and read it all from the beginning again. <33

You know, sometimes I get the feeling that if they made this into an anime, it would work well in the style of FLCL. I mean, like, in the way they tell the story and stuff. I dunno.

uuuggghhhhh every page makes my day ;u;

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